Meet the artist:

John Winer

"Hand-forged quality
 will last for generations" 

This is the principle by which I strive. 
- John Winer
Upon entering John Winer's blacksmith studio located on his beautiful mountain property in East Tennessee, you may immediately notice that it all seems to be varying shades of grey. His tools are grey, his anvil is grey, the stacked metal rods waiting forging and even the coal used to heat the forge are all grey. In contrast, two things stand out as colorful, the red flame and glowing embers from the hot forge, and John himself. John is a colorful character and anyone who knows him will testify to that. He has a bright personality, marvelous positive energy and in a very vibrant way, submerged in this world of grey, he stands out.
John struck out on his own as a teenager.  At just 18 years old, he was probably the youngest full time street performer in New Orleans. The young talented musician drew large crowds when he picked up his banjo. 
Although he has wonderful memories and stories from that time in his life, it isn't a surprise that he couldn't make ends meet in that line of work.  His resume of miscellaneous jobs became quite long until he started working as an itinerant millwright in paper mills throughout the south east.  As a millwright, John became skilled at working with engineers and tech specialists, fitting fabricated and aligning machinery as well as welding and rigging.  These skills, along with his drafting skills soon became what would become his niche in the blacksmithing world, architectural ironwork.  As word spread about his artistic work, it wasn't long before wealthy clients began to commission him to design and create the many architectural components of their new mountain mansions. 
John is now sought out regionally, as he has an uncanny ability to understand and interpret the dreams of his clients and deliver craftsmanship beyond their imagination.
In addition to his work being in a multitude of very exclusive homes, he has also been commissioned for design work for restaurants, banks and other commercial establishments and he has been featured regularly in a variety of publications.
John has been a contributing designer and blacksmith working with Charleston Forge for many years.  We have now commissioned him to make smaller items for us to sell through our online store, CF Home.  We get great pleasure out of supporting artists like John and sharing their work and their stories with you.

251 Industrial Park Drive, Boone NC 28607 USA

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