Meet the artist:

Tom Wooten

“Forging and shaping metal is a passionate obsession."

                         - Tom Wooten


At the age of 13, on a sweltering hot summer day in Mississippi, Tom Wooten picked up a small yellow Randall Knives pamphlet, and flipping to the last two pages he knew immediately what he wanted to do. On those pages of the vintage 1968 booklet he read a title, “If you want to make your own knife, here are some tips”.

Using a railroad track as an anvil and a not-hot-enough, wood-burning fire (blacksmiths use coal to get the fire the hottest), Tom began to hammer out old saw blade steel to make his first hand-forged piece.

Tom describes his love of forging and shaping metal as a passionate obsession. Ever since that first forging experience Tom has been developing and cultivating his craft. He has exhibited in countless craft shows, is a multi-award winning artist, and has even demonstrated at the World’s Fair in New Orleans.

In the summer of 1990, Tom traveled to the Blue Ridge Mountains to escape the heat, fell in love with the area, and moved to Boone. He set up his forge and later began designing for Charleston Forge. Charleston Forge has had a long and strong relationship with Tom, and he has designed many furniture collections that have been extremely popular with our discerning clientele.


As talented as Tom is with furniture design, he keeps going back to his first love, free form art work. He loves the motion that his sculptures, candle stands and garden art have. To get inspiration for a metal sculpture, Tom will sit down with a pencil and a piece of paper and ‘scribble’ for about thirty seconds.

“The faster I scribble, the better the idea is," Tom says. And his technique works. Tom creates beautiful work using steel, copper and bronze, and often adds other elements such as wood, stone, or glass to his art.  We are proud to feature him with CF Home.



251 Industrial Park Drive, Boone NC 28607 USA

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